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May 23rd, 2004

01:14 am - Nicknames
I really have got to come up with a decent nickname for poor Gallagher. It's not really fair of him to have to put up with so much ribbing over what is an admittedly unfortunate name. I'm not sure what his parents were thinking, although possibly they'd been reading too many medieval romances.

And speaking of romances, mine appears to be headed south. Or at least it will be if Damon can't keep his eyes off Annora. Can't understand what he sees in her; little Gryffindor vixen. He appears content to ignore her track record, which is long enough to be a History of Magic essay. And she's got no brains.

But I will not bore you all ranting about that. I've already talked Minda's ear off doing so.

But that's only fair, because she's talked mine off about the Quidditch match. Yes, I am glad we won (although the Slytherins are smirking quite as much as if it had been them instead of us), but Quidditch is just not my cup of tea!

I also may have discovered a secret passage in the common room. More on that another time.
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May 19th, 2004

02:38 pm
Minda is no longer psychotic or twitching, as she was last night. This is a very good thing. I've never seen her so furious over anything (although I don't doubt she'd be even more furious if someone tried anything on Hugh. I don't think she'd sit around if anything happened to him, though. And I wouldn't even try holding her back). She didn't turn up for History of Magic, and I assume she took the time to hide herself away playing, because I haven't seen her all afternoon. I assume you know where to find her, Hugh, if you need her.

I think it's safe to say her mind's been diverted from Quidditch. I spent this afternoon cleaning the dorm, because Minda throws things when she's angry.

Dunno why I'm not posting this in that community journal. I don't really know Minda's friends, I guess.
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12:33 am

I hadn't expected to get one of these journals, even though Minda is always checking up on hers and forever typing and replying.

However, Minda is currently buried under a mound of blankets, alternatively refusing to come out and attempting to smash down the door in order to get at the head of James Potter. For this reason the door to the dormitory has been charmed and Minda's wand has been forcibly confiscated.

What a joyous way to start things off.
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